WETMAK – Wetlands Monitoring and Assessment Kit

WETMAK is an online resource aimed at community groups working on wetland restoration projects in New Zealand.

Are you making a difference? If the answer is yes, do you know how well you are doing… can you quantify progress? Which aspects are performing better than others and where should you focus future effort? If you would like the answers to these questions and increase your understanding of how well your wetland restoration project is progressing, then you are in the right place. WETMAK provides advice on useful monitoring techniques and methods of assessing the impact of your restoration work.

The kit is available in different formats to suit your needs. You can choose to download the entire resource or alternatively you may prefer to focus attention on specific modules. Either way you will find the material easy to use. In terms of technical difficulty, again the decision is yours with simple monitoring options available alongside more technically demanding investigation.

Download WETMAK, print out a few datasheets, pull on your gumboots and head out with friends and get measuring. Increasing understanding of your restoration work will bring huge rewards and provide useful information for future planning.

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