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Community Group Projects

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Date: November 2011
Request No.: 9368

Topographical maps sourced from Land Information New Zealand data. Crown Copyright Reserved.

To obtain contact details of a Community Group who have their name on this web page email the WBF Co-ordinator on her Contact page of the website.

The gathering of information on Community Groups for this map is ongoing and is accurate as of the last update (November 2011). If you would like the details of your groups work added to the map please contact the WBF co-ordinator on her Contact page of this website. The numbering attached to a group is in the order that the information on the group was collected and placed on a database maintained by the Forum co-ordinator. The data collected describes the name of the community groups project followed by the location and size of the area in which they are undertaking their activities. The data gives contact details for the group and a description of the project aim, the type of habitat/s the project is restoring and the main parties who are involved in the work. There is also a description of the funding sources that have helped the group operate and project start and finish date and details of how far through the project the group are with their intended activities.

The database could be used to:-

  • find case studies to promote and highlight
  • develop synergies between community activities
  • develop a regional picture of what is happening for the good of biodiversity
  • look for potential sources of eco-sourced plant material
  • put new groups in touch with locals "who have been there and done that"
  • highlight the gaps of activity for future focus.

Project Descriptions

  • 1 Waikato RiverCare

    Waikato RiverCare
    Implement a sustainable programme to plant natives on the banks of the Lower Waikato River Back to map
  • 3 Te Aroha Earthwatch

    Te Aroha Earthwatch
    Water quality and bush restoration Back to map
  • 4 Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust

    Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust
    To build a predator free fence (50 km) around approx 3,400 ha of native forest, remove pests & predators and restore forest and reintroduce indigenous plants and animals Back to map
  • 5 Kakepuku Mountain Project

    Kakepuku Mountain Project
    Eradicate all pests Back to map
  • 6 Whaingaroa HarbourCare

    Whaingaroa HarbourCare
    Plant the harbour and streams of the Raglan Harbour Catchment area, running a nursery, media, mentoring other groups and providing advice to farmers on stream planting Back to map
  • 7A Morgan Reserve

    Forest & Bird (Waikato)
    Regeneration of native forest Back to map
  • 7B Walter Scott Reserve

    Forest & Bird (Waikato)
    Preservation of bush reserve Back to map
  • 8 Te Pahu Landcare

    Te Pahu Landcare
    To promote conservation of natural resources in the Te Pahu area Back to map
  • 10 Hakarimata Restoration Trust

    Hakarimata Restoration Trust
    Restoration of Hakarimata Reserve and surrounding forest Back to map
  • 14 Pirongia Te Aro Aro o Kahu Restoration Society

    Pirongia Te Aro Aro o Kahu Restoration Society
    Conservation of natural resources, education, involvement of community in conservation projects Back to map
  • 15 Mangawara River Care group

    Mangawara River Care group
    Erosion protection Back to map
  • 17 Torepatutahi Landcare group

    Torepatutahi Landcare group
    To restore vegetation within the canyon with indigenous and exotic (where appropriate) and revegetation for soil conservation purposes. Provide access to canyon. Back to map
  • 18 Lake Koromatua Wildlife Management Reserve

    Lake Koromatua Wildlife Management Reserve
    To increase biodiversity in lake environs and to remove pest plants Back to map
  • 20 Hatepe Residents Association/Hinemaiaia River Management Committee

    Hinemaiaia River Management Committee
    River Management Habitat preservation and improvement Back to map
  • 22 Tokaanu Stream Care group

    Tokaanu Streamcare Group
    Improve the aesthetic, recreational and ecological values of the stream and its margins Back to map
  • 23 Lake Cameron

    Lake Cameron Care
    Enhance biodiversity, improve water quality and account for residents concerns e.g. views and access Back to map
  • 24 Wentworth Valley Rivercare

    Wentworth Valley Care group
    Establish a riparian margin along the river bank to reduce erosion problems Back to map
  • 25 Mahakirau Forest Estate Katiakitanga

    Mahakirau Forest Estate Society Inc
    To create a wildlife haven to safely accommodate it's natural and close to original inhabitants Back to map
  • 27A Pest Free Zone

    Moehau Environment Group (MEG)
    Creation of a pest free zone and translocation of endangered species back into the area Back to map
  • 27B Waikawau Bay Wetland Restoration Project

    Moehau Environment Group (MEG)
    Halt the decline of fern birds and protect all marsh bird populations in the area Back to map
  • 27C Port Charles Rat Attack

    Moehau Environment Group (MEG)
    Creation of a pest free zone and translocation of endangered species back into the area Back to map
  • 27D Coast to Coast Buffer

    Moehau Environment Group (MEG)
    Back to map
  • 27E Coromandel Kiwi Project

    Moehau Environment Group (MEG)
    Back to map
  • 28 Habitat Tuateawa

    Habitat Tuateawa
    Comprehensive community involvement in ecosystem restoration of coastal forest Back to map
  • 29 Earthwise Valley

    Earthwise Valley
    Restoration of Tuateawa Catchment Ecosystem Back to map
  • 30 Hikuai Wharekawa Community Possum Control Scheme

    Hikuai Wharekawa Community Possum Control Scheme
    Protection of magnificent native bushland including the best stand of rata on the Peninsula Back to map
  • 42 Whenuakite Kiwi Care Group

    Whenuakite Kiwi Care Group
    To protect and reverse the decline of kiwi in habitat Back to map
  • 43 Project Hahei

    Project Hahei Group
    Elimination of pests and woolly nightshade Back to map
  • 44 Ferry Landing Shakespeare Cliff Reserves

    Cooks Beach/Ferrylanding Reserves Management Group
    Preserve coastal pohutukawa/kohekohe forest Back to map
  • 46 Kapowai Kiwi Care Group

    Kapowai Kiwi Care Group
    Kiwi protection Back to map
  • 47 Project Kiwi Kuaotunu

    Project Kiwi Trust Kuaotunu
    The primary objective of Project Kiwi Trust (PKT) is to enhance and protect the kiwi population and continue to restore the ecosystem on the Kuaotunu Peninsula or in such other areas in New Zealand, as the trustees may think fit. Back to map
  • 50 Lake Hakanoa Walkway

    Friends of Lake Hakanoa Walkway Inc
    Create environmental and aesthetic values to the surrounds of Lake Hakanoa Back to map
  • 51 Pokaiwhenua Streamcare

    Pokaiwhenua Streamcare
    Replanting after severe flood and erosion protection and protection of water quality of river and ecology of surroundings Back to map
  • 53 Little Waipa Streamcare group

    Little Waipa Streamcare group
    Stream protection from cattle Back to map
  • 55 Matarawa Streamcare group

    Matarawa Streamcare group
    Protect stream from dairy farming and reduce sediment load into Lake Moananui (Tokoroa) Back to map
  • 57 Waihou Walkway

    Waihou Walkway
    Te Waihou walkway Back to map
  • 59A Forest and Bird

    Forest and Bird (South Waikato)
    Planting entrance of Reserve Back to map
  • 59B Keritehere StreamCare

    Forest and Bird (South Waikato)
    Revegetation Back to map
  • 59C Forest and Bird

    Forest and Bird (South Waikato)
    Enhancement of the lake environs Back to map
  • 59D Forest and Bird

    Forest and Bird (South Waikato)
    Enhance the ecology of the reserve for public enjoyment and educational work. Leaflets and interpretation plaques. Reintroduce NI robins to reserve and carry out pest control to a level to enable NI robins to breed in reserve Back to map
  • 61 Whangapoua Harbour Care Catchment

    Whangapoua Harbour Care Catchment
    Improve the quality of water entering the Harbour from the catchment area Back to map
  • 62 Kuaotunu Beachcare Group

    Kuaotunu Beachcare Group
    Building access ways, planting dunes and reserves Back to map
  • 64 Whangamata Harbour Care

    Whangamata Harbour Care
    Control oof possums and rats and stop/reverse the spread of mangroves Back to map
  • 66 Habitat Enhancement Landcare Programme Waihi

    Habitat Enhancement Landcare Programme Waihi
    Improve habitat around Waihi. Educate school children through hands on involvement in growing and planting Back to map
  • 67A Rotopaumanu Restoration

    Project Tongariro
    Restoring the Mauri of Mt Pihanga Back to map
  • 67B Te Matapuna O Taupo Moana

    Project Tongariro
    To restore a representative example of the variety of wetland types and associated species that occur within the South Taupo Wetland Back to map
  • 69 Lake Waikare

    Lake Waikare
    Raise community awareness of the lake to encourage particpation - both in use of the lake and also cleaning it up. Back to map
  • 70 Lake Kaituna and Komakorau Lake Care Group

    Lake Kaituna Lake Care group
    Restore the lake into a healthy wetland lake environment Back to map
  • 72 Waotu Pest Control Group

    Waotu Pest Control Group
    Achieve pest control in the Greater Waotu District to prevent spread of TB from cattle and encourage indigenous birds into the area Back to map
  • 73 Kawhia Harbour Care (Te Hinengaro o Kawhia Trust)

    Kawhia Harbour Care
    Improve Kawhia Harbour Back to map
  • 74 Otahu River Care Group

    Otahu River Care Group
    Improve water quality of the river Back to map
  • 75 Lake Ngaroto Restoration Group

    Lake Ngaroto Restoration Group
    Plant around the lake to enhance vegetation, improve water quality and provide recreation/walking area Back to map
  • 76 Waitomo Catchment Trust

    Waitomo Catchment Trust
    Protect water quality of the Waitomo Catchment and encourage sustainable land management practices Back to map
  • 78 Mahoenui Landcare Group

    Mahoenui Landcare Group
    Initially erosion control now includes biodiversity aspects, protection and enhancement of waterways and indigenous vegetation Back to map
  • 80 Whitehall Landcare Group

    Whitehall Landcare Group
    Improve stream condition Back to map
  • 82 Kahikatea Restoration

    St Peters School Cambridge
    To restore a kahikatea stand to what it once was and make it a focal point of the school Back to map
  • 83 Whangapoua Beachcare Group

    Whangapoua Beachcare Group
    Restore dune areas Back to map
  • 85 Revegetation of Kauaeranga Valley Entrance

    Friends of the Kauaeranga Inc
    Re-vegetate the entrance of the Kauaeranga Valley with native trees Back to map
  • 86 Whiritoa Beachcare Group

    Whiritoa Beachcare Group
    Dune planting and accessway maintenance, strategic planning to improve lagoon water quality Back to map
  • 88 Kauri 2000 Coromandel Peninsula

    Kauri 2000 Projects
    Replanting kauri on the Coromandel Peninsula Back to map
  • 92 Mist Preservation Society

    Mist Preservation Society
    Preserve land and forest for the future Back to map
  • 95 Pauanui Beachcare Group

    Pauanui Beachcare Group
    To reshape dunes to restore dune shape and revegetate area Back to map
  • 96 Whangamata Beachcare Group

    Whangamata Beachcare Group
    Protection and restoration of beach and dunes Back to map
  • 97 Tairua Beachcare Group

    Tairua Beachcare Group
    Build and maintain access ways and restoration planting of dune areas Back to map
  • 98 Mercury Bay Beachcare Group

    Mercury Bay Beachcare Group
    Planting beach front reserves with pohutukawa trees, dune reshaping and restoration Back to map
  • 99 Karioitahi Beachcare Group

    Karioitahi Beachcare Group
    Manage vehicle access to the beach, build access ways, restore dune area, plant foredune and plant around carpark and surf club Back to map
  • 100 Port Waikato Beachcare Group

    Port Waikato Beachcare Group
    Educate public, restore and plant dunes and foreshore and maintain accessways Back to map
  • 101 Marakopa Beachcare Group

    Marakopa Beachcare Group
    Sand dune stabilization and restoration plus coastal revegeation Back to map
  • 102A Wyuna Reserve

    Forest and Bird (Upper Coromandel)
    Prevent mustelids swimming to an offshore island from the mainland which is mustelid free. Restore native bush in the area. Back to map
  • 102B Long Bay Reserve

    Forest and Bird (Upper Coromandel)
    Pest control to maintain bush reserve Back to map
  • 102C Chiltern Reserve

    Forest and Bird (Upper Coromandel)
    Maintain bush area from forestry and stock Back to map
  • 102D Colville/Port Charles Junction

    Forest and Bird (Upper Coromandel)
    Re-vegetation of reserve Back to map
  • 102E Big Sandy Bay Project

    Forest and Bird (Upper Coromandel)
    Pest control and weeding to maintain bush Back to map
  • 102F Whanganui Island

    Forest and Bird (Upper Coromandel)
    Monitor weka popualtion Back to map
  • 102G Long Bay Causeway

    Forest and Bird (Upper Coromandel)
    Enhance roadside with pohutukawa Back to map
  • 102H Te Kouma

    Forest and Bird (Upper Coromandel)
    Protect forest Back to map
  • 104 Kiritehere Beachcare Group (Hapu based)

    Kiritehere Beachcare Group (Hapu based)
    Planting restoration of fore dune and back dune Back to map
  • 107 Howick Tramping Club

    Howick Tramping Club
    Possum and rat control to provide a better habitat for kokako breeding Back to map
  • 108 Project Manu

    Project Manu
    Pest control( goats, rats and possums) in Reserve to protect forest Back to map
  • 109 Tainui Whitebaiters Collective

    Tainui Whitebaiters Collective
    Whitebait habitat and spawning ground restoration, research work with NIWA and an advocacy role for whitebaiting Back to map
  • 110 Te Kauri/Waikuku Restoration Project

    Te Kauri/Waikuku Restoration Project
    Restore forest in park and provide venue of environmental education Back to map
  • 115 Waikato/King Country Kiwi Survey

    Waikato/King Country Kiwi Survey
    Survey remaining kiwi in the wild Back to map
  • 116 Whaingaroa Beachcare Group

    Whaingaroa Beachcare Group
    Restore damaged dunes along ocean and harbour foreshore and reduce human damage. Back to map
  • 119A Whakaipo Bay

    Forest and Bird (Taupo)
    Replanting native vegetation to provide bird habitat and prevent scrub from developing Back to map
  • 119B Forest and Bird (Taupo)

    Forest and Bird (Taupo)
    Stabilize the bank, and enhance area to prevent bracken and blackberry growth Back to map
  • 119C Forest and Bird (Taupo)

    Forest and Bird (Taupo)
    Establish wetland area to provide habitat for birds and animals which inhabit wetlands Back to map
  • 119D Dactylanthus Protection

    Forest and Bird (Taupo)
    Protect the existing Dactylanthus, survey for more plants and monitor success of the flowering Back to map
  • 119E Harvey Reserve

    Forest and Bird (Taupo)
    Restore gully with native vegetation Back to map
  • 123 Native Forest Restoration Trust

    Native Forest Restoration Trust
    Protection and restoration of river banks and protection and restoration of degraded forest Back to map
  • 125 Pukawa Wildlife Management Group

    Pukawa Wildlife Management Group
    To restore birdlife of the Pukawa Bay lake shore forests through integrated and sustained animal pest control and the elimination of weeds. Back to map
  • 127 Friends of Barrett Bush

    Friends of Barrett Bush
    Restore lowland bush Back to map
  • 128 Friends of Waikawau Bay

    Friends of Waikawau Bay
    Maintain native plantings at the DOC Farm Park camping ground and look after and maintain track. Back to map
  • 130 Lake Kainui

    Lake Kainui Committee
    Recreation and wildlife enhancement and water quality improvement Back to map
  • 131 Lake Rotokauri

    Rotokauri Lake Management Committee
    Ecological restoration of wetlands and lake margins Back to map
  • 133 Te Kanae Kakariki Trust

    Te Kanae Kakariki Trust
    To clear weeds and willow from a section of the Waikato River and replant in native vegetation with a youth life skills training group Back to map
  • 134A William Hall Memorial Reserve

    Forest and Bird (Thames/Hauraki)
    To have Reserve recognised as heritage status as old arboretum originally planted in 1870 Back to map
  • 134B Waihou Walkway

    Forest and Bird (Thames/Hauraki)
    Restoration of area to increase habitat for birdlife Back to map
  • 134C Kirikiri Bird Corridor

    Forest and Bird (Thames/Hauraki)
    Establishment of protected area for native birds Back to map
  • 136A Morgan Park

    Forest and Bird (Waihi)
    Maintaining plantings beside recreation fields Back to map
  • 136B Karangahake Gorge Planting

    Forest and Bird (Waihi)
    Maintaining plantings on riverbank of the gorge Back to map
  • 137 Upper Piako Wildlife Project

    Upper Piako Wildlife Management Association
    To enhance the wetland as a habitat for birdlife Back to map
  • 139 Bush Park Wainui

    Friends of Wainui
    Rehabilitate the area with native trees and exotics Back to map
  • 140 Pukemokemoke Bush Reserve

    Friends of Pukemokemoke Bush Reserve
    Remove privet and re-establish native bush on the edge of the reserve and wetland stream area. Back to map
  • 141 Harkers Reserve Project

    Harker Reserve Committee
    Animal and plant pest eradication and public awareness of Reserve Back to map
  • 146 Opoutere Residents and Ratepayers Association

    Opoutere Residents and Ratepayers Association
    To improve the sustainability of the environment Back to map
  • 149 Onemana Ratepayers Association

    Onemana Ratepayers Association
    Preservation of pohutukawa on the edge of the harbour Back to map
  • 150 Whangapoua Ratepayers Association

    Whangapoua Ratepayers Association
    Preserve native bush Back to map
  • 155 Driving Creek Wildlife Sanctuary Trust

    Driving Creek Wildlife Sanctuary Trust
    Provide secure habitat for species and build pest proof fence around site Back to map
  • 156 Whewells Bush

    Whewells Bush volunteers
    Weed control and planting Back to map
  • 157 Te Whakaoranga o Karioi

    Te Whakaoranga o Karioi
    Ecological Restoration of Karioi Mountain Back to map
  • 158 Little Bay Ratepayers Association

    Little Bay Ratepayers Association
    Preservation of bush Back to map
  • 159 Tairua Parks and Reserves Committee Group

    Tairua Parks and Reserves Committee Group
    Enhance reserves by planting and maintaining vegetation. Provide interpretation panel. Back to map
  • 160 Paku Hill Possum Control

    Paku Hill Possum Control
    Preserve pohutukawa and forest and bring back more birds to the area Back to map
  • 164 Whangapoua Reserves Management Group

    Whangapoua Reserves Management Group
    Plant and maintain Council Reserves Back to map
  • 165 Kuaotunu Reserve Management Group

    Kuaotunu Reserve Management Group
    Maintain and enhance reserves along the beach front and coastal strip Back to map
  • 166 Rings Beachcare Group

    Rings Beachcare Group
    Planting restoration of fore dune and back dune Back to map
  • 168 Hotwater Beach Reserves Management Group

    Hotwater Beach Reserves Management Group
    Plant pasture and scrub back to remnant bush and pohutukawa broadleaf forest, dune planting, riparian panting and flood protection planting Back to map
  • 171A Mt Pauanui pest control

    Coromandel Peninsula Coastal Walkway Society Inc
    Enhance native bush, build recreational walkways on the eastern seaboard of Coromandel Peninsula and lobby forestry companies for cleaner streams Back to map
  • 171B Wetland Biodiversity Restoration Project

    Coromandel Peninsula Coastal Walkway Society Inc
    To restore the wetland Back to map
  • 172 Matarangi Beachcare Group

    Matarangi Beachcare Group
    Restoration of sand dunes, education of dune ethic, back dune planting and improve biodiversity Back to map
  • 173 Waitetuna Streamcare Group

    Waitetuna Streamcare Group
    To restore streamside and inspire community ownership Back to map
  • 181 Thames Coast Protection Society

    Thames Coast Protection Society
    To provide approx. 1000 natives a year to Thames Coast residents Back to map
  • 182A Benneydale Streamway Project

    Tui Trust
    Planting native trees and shrubs to improve habitat for birds and improve stream quality. Encourage community participation and ownership Back to map
  • 182B Miringa te Kakara

    Tui Trust
    Planting raukawa grove around marae site Back to map
  • 185 Lower Mangapiko Streamcare Group

    Lower Mangapiko Streamcare Group
    To reduce erosion and flooding, reduce flow of sediments and nutrients into the stream, improve riparian habitat and biodiversity and adopt a sustainable land management practices Back to map
  • 186 Cambridge Tree Trust

    Cambridge Tree Trust
    Remove weeds and re-vegetate areas of Cambridge with native trees, build walking tracks and provide habitat for birds Back to map
  • 187 Mangakotukutuku Streamcare Group

    Mangakotukutuku Streamcare group
    Raise awareness of stream for education purposes, promote landowner interest in stream restoration to improve water quality Back to map
  • 189 Penewaka Lagoon

    Fish and Game
    To restore water regime and revegetate the surrounding higher ground of lagoon Back to map
  • 190 Cocks Wetland

    Cocks Wetland Assoc.
    Longterm maintenance following water level management activities Back to map
  • 191 Central Shepherd Wetland

    Central Shepherd Wetland Assoc.
    Maintenance and diversity of wetland vegetation Back to map
  • 192 North Shepherd Wetland Assoc

    North Shepherd Wetland Assoc.
    Maintenance and diversity of wetland vegetation with water level management Back to map
  • 193 Dean Wetland

    Dean Wetland Assoc.
    Maintenance and diversity of wetland vegetation Back to map
  • 194 Blythen Wetland

    Blythen Wetland Assoc.
    Maintenance and diversity of wetland vegetation Back to map
  • 195 McKenzie Wetland

    McKenzie Wetland Assoc.
    Maintenance and diversity of wetland vegetation Back to map
  • 196 Cathcart Wetland

    Cathcart Wetland Group
    To maintain diversity of wetland vegetation Back to map
  • 197 Western Waikare

    Fish and Game
    To maintain water levels and vegetation diversity on Lake Waikare margin returning marginal pasture to wetlands Back to map
  • 198 Piggott Wetland

    Piggott Wetland Assoc.
    To maintain water levels and vegetation diversity Back to map
  • 202 Lake Waahi margins

    Huntly Fish and Game Assoc.
    Planting trees to increase diversity of vegetation for wildlife values Back to map
  • 203 Lake Okowhao

    Huntly Fish and Game Assoc.
    Maintenance of lake margin issues Back to map
  • 204 Lake Kimihia margin

    Huntly Fish and Game Assoc.
    To establish vegetation diversity on lake margins Back to map
  • 205 TREE

    New Progress Enterprises
    Improve Waikato River water quality by riparian planting Back to map
  • 206 Mana Manu Trust

    Mana Manu Trust
    Enhance native biodiversity Back to map
  • 207 Waiotahi Valley Whanau Trust Inc

    Waiotahi Valley Whanau Trust Inc
    Restore the land through planting native vegetation and pest control Back to map
  • 208 Te Aputa Reserve

    Te Aputa Trust
    Preserve the Pa site for all New Zealanders Back to map
  • 209 Thames Coast Kiwi Care

    Thames Coast Kiwi Care
    To protect kiwi behind Te Mata by undertaking predator control. Back to map
  • 210 Planting for the Future and Wilding Pines

    Advocates for the Tongariro River
    Manage the Tongariro River by planting the left bank to restore natural vegetation and remove wilding pines on the right bank Back to map
  • 212 Wharekawa Catchment Care Group

    Wharekawa Catchment Care Group
    Restore Wharekawa Estuary by enhancing rivers, streams and tributaries that flow into the Estuary Back to map
  • 214 Mataora Beachcare Group

    Mataora Beachcare Group
    Protect cultural sites, educate about beach/dune protection, restore front and back dunes Back to map
  • 215 Onemana Beachcare Group

    Onemana Beachcare Group
    Restoration of sand dunes, education of dune ethic, back dune planting and improve biodiversity Back to map
  • 216 Friends of Waimama Bay

    Friends of Waimama Bay
    Protection of remnant bush, Ramarama Stream and Waimama Beach from invasive weeds and from stock on adjoining farms. Maintain public access to publicly owned land Back to map
  • 217 Heka Heka Biodiversity Restoration

    Heka Heka Biodiversity Restoration
    Conservation and enhancement of indigenous flora and fauna Back to map
  • 218 Friends of Sanatorium Hill

    Friends of Sanatorium Hill
    To restore and extend the habitat for native birds, raise awareness of ecological and heritage values of Sanatorium Hill and Maungakawa Reserve and restore the Gudex Memorial Back to map
  • 219 Riverlea Environment Society

    Riverlea Environment Society-Hammond Bush
    Increase the size and integrity of the bush Back to map
  • 220 Waihi District Walkways Inc

    Waihi District Walkways Inc
    To create a series of walkways with riparian planting to enhance to restore biodiversity and to protect the social and cultural heritage values of the areas Back to map
  • 221 Ruapuke Beachcare Group

    Ruapuke Beachcare Group
    To stabilise the dunes and raise people awareness of caring for the environment Back to map
  • 222 Turua Bush Reserve

    Turua Bush Reserve
    To gain successful regeneration and protection of the bush reserve Back to map
  • 224 Friends of Tarariki

    Friends of Tarariki
    Heal the river, re-instate the vegetation and preserve the catchment of Tarariki Back to map
  • 225 Going for Gold

    Te Kowhai Community Group
    Restoration of kowhai heritage and development of the Te Otamanui Walkway in the Te Otamanui lagoon west of Te Kowhai Back to map
  • 226 Friends of Waiwhakareke

    Friends of Waiwhakareke
    Re-create ecosystems once present in the area, restore the water quality of the lake, recreation, education and research and tourism destination alongside the Zoo. Back to map
  • 227 Waiaro Sanctuary

    Waiaro Sanctuary
    Protect and enhance native flora and fauna and prevent reinfestation to Moehau, protect brown teal, seek kakariki release eventually Back to map
  • 228 Te Kauae o Maui Nature Reserve

    Te Kauae o Maui
    Create a unique habitat with abundant native flora and fauna Back to map
  • 230 Coromandel On Track

    Coromandel Independent Living Trust
    Protect and enhance environment, provide employment training opportunities and education Back to map
  • 231 Whakaupoko West Franklin Landcare group

    Whakaupoko West Franklin Landcare group
    To control animal and plant pests, enhance bird and bats and develop a greater sense of community Back to map
  • 234 Jubilee Bush

    Friends of Jubilee Bush
    To control weeds Back to map
  • 235 Kakatarahae Kaitiaki O Manaia

    Manaia Kauri Sanctuary
    To protect and enhance the ngahere-awa-moana and all living creatures that live within it from pests Back to map
  • 236 Kinloch Community Association Wilding Pines Project

    Kinlock Community Association
    Erdicate wilding pines visible from Kinlcoh Back to map
  • 237 Port Waikato

    Cobourne Reserve
    Enhance natural areas in Port Waikato Back to map
  • 238 Omori Kuratau

    Omori Kuratau Pest Management Group
    To trap and poison rats and stoats Back to map
  • 239 Lake Karapiro adjacent to Horahora Road

    Waikato River Trails Trust
    To eliminate plant and animal pests from the wetland Back to map
  • 240 Between 860 and 900 Black Jack Road

    Opito Bay Environment Group
    To undertake weed and pest control and restore forest Back to map
  • 241 Hamilton north

    Mangaiti Gully Restoration
    Maintain the native flora of the gully and manage the gully for re-establishment of fauna Back to map